Outsized PST Split Tool Available at PCVITA!

Outsized PST split tool that allows splitting of outsized Outlook PST files easily

Starting at $49 Only

Outlook Usage – Benefits and Repercussions: Statistics say that a large majority of email users prefer to use Microsoft Outlook email management application for their messaging requirements. Survey says that this preference is mostly because of the user-friendly and easy to understand interface and features of Outlook email program. Now, when there is usefulness, there are repercussions also Ė long usage of Outlook results in the formation of bulky PST files inside your mailbox, which in turn affects the speed of the application.

Outsized PST Files: The maximum storage limit in ANSI PST is only 2GB. Now, what happens when they becomes outsized, then your Outlook application comes in the danger of getting corrupted. Outsized PST Split: If you split outsized PST file into multiple smaller parts, it can solve your problems.

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Isnít it a wonderful thing for you that you get to evaluate the productís efficiency much before you actually pay for it? Well! This is something true and real at PCVITA. Here, you get the demo version of PCVITA Split Magic software, which can be downloaded FREE of cost from the link provided above. You can use the demo to split 50 items per Outlook PST file.

FULL Version - Pay Very Small to Benefit Very Big!

What you pay for Full version PCVITA Split Magic software is a very small amount (49 USD) but what you get benefits from this outsized PST split tool is something very big. It will solve all your troubles that were arising due to outsized PST files in your mailbox. Split ANY NUMBER of outsized PST files using Full Version worth 49 USD only.

Software Features Speaking of Its Value:

  • Outsized PST split software, you can split outsized PST of Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010
  • Allows splitting of outsized PST file by date, year, size
  • Either split outsized archive PST file or distribution list or data file
  • Not only split outsized PST file folders like contacts, calendars & emails folders but also other items
  • Exactly retains the Metadata (to, cc, bcc, etc)